Please Note that We have chaged the Admission fees after January 1st,2019. Please see more details below:(GST not included)

Audlts & 8month under:  Free

8Month - 1year           :  $3.5

1 year  - 6 years         : $9.95

Siblings in same family: $ 7.95  (20%off) 

Monday-Friday 5-7pm  : $ 4.97   (50%off)  2hrs before we close

Loyalty Membership Card : $57.14 (include 10 admissions = $6 dollars per admission , also each admission worth 2 X siblings admissions or 2X happy hour admissions )


* Every Monday free small coffee until 1pm

*Bring your own coffee mug will cost you only price of small coffee and Free for refill!!!

* Changes on the rates can not be combined with other discounts or offers

* Do you know we are the only indoor playground provide baby wipes and dipers for our customers in town?


Café O’Play’s Indoor Playground. 

The Children Area is designed for children between 0 and 6 years of age however for children over the age of 6, we do have complimentary Nintendo DS that can be signed out during your visit. Our children's area includes toys such as a custom-made train table, a princess palace, and a lighthouse with slides, activity panels, baby pits, exersaucers, bouncy chairs and much more!