Café O'Play is developing new cafés and has exciting licensing opportunities available. Please contact us using the form below to learn more about how you can join our growing family.


The Café O’Play Story

Café O’Play opened its doors December 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta. The Café has quickly become a favorite place to “Sit, Sip and Watch Them Play!”

Read the Café O’Play story here.

Why License versus Franchise?

  1. No royalty or marketing fees
  2. Lower initial fees
  3. No requirement to buy from our suppliers
  4. The ability to add your own flair and creativity to YOUR business

Why should I buy a Café O'Play License?

  1. Use of our brand image, unique concept and design
  2. Access to proprietary recipes for our handcrafted beverages and food
  3. Access to our operations manual which includes inventory programs and training materials
  4. Start-up guide including suggested equipment lists, build out specification, vital vendor contacts
  5. Information on expected start up costs based on ideal size of site
  6. Opportunity for on-site training
  7. Exclusive Territory Rights


All the information you gain in buying a License will save you considerable time 

and money and eliminate some of the difficult barriers to entry.


Characteristics of Successful Café O’Play Licensee

  1. A love for coffee, tea and children
  2. Service-orientated individuals who thrive in a fast-paced and social environment
  3. A willingness to work hard with a keen attention to detail
  4. A basic understanding of entrepreneurship
  5. A high level of commitment and loyalty to your Café, the Café O’Play brand and image, your baristas, your customers and your community.


What are the steps to become a Café O’Play Licensee?

  1. Fill out the contact form below
  2. Informal Meeting
  3. Begin Agreement process with a $1,000 non-refundable deposit (money will be put towards the Licensing Fee once the agreement is signed) and receive a copy of the License Agreement
  4. Review License Agreement and make decision about proceeding with the License within 30 days
  5. Once Agreement is signed and Licensing Fee is payed in full, you receive all hard copy and electronic trademark and supporting business documentation


Café O’Play Fees

We have a License fee of $15,000 (subject to territory size).

There is an annual license renewal fee that is generally priced at approximately 50% of your initial fee.

We do not offer third-party financing.

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